Women with Icons can be seen currently at the Antiochian Heritage Museum in Ligonier, PA, until February 2015.


As an ongoing documentary project, Women with Icons is always seeking new volunteers to sit for portraits. Please contact Jocelyn if you are interested.

Recent Posts

Barbara / St. Barbara


Not everyone who participates in my photographic exploits is completely excited about it, at first. I approached Barbara, a local friend of mine, to be a part of my Women with Icons series, and she expressed what many women feel about being in front of a camera–that self-conscious and…

Nancy / St. Helen


I was on a road trip from Baltimore back to Johnson City, where I live, and got the best e-mail from a dear friend of my mother-in-law’s, who had a crazy idea: why not stop by Lynchburg, Virginia, on the way, and photograph her for Women with Icons?

I had…